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What’s Happening in the AVS Garden

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Marissa Weitzman
avs students posing with their crafts

Come take a walk through the AVS Garden and discover 75 plants that are edible, medicinal, or serve an ecosystem function. It feels like a diverse food forest walking on the mulched floor under the canopy of fruit trees and through the towering fava beans.

avs students showing their crafts in garden

The third-grade class has been studying the variety of plants in the garden and recently completed their high-tech garden plant signs with QR codes for the AVS Garden. In this hands-on project, each student had the opportunity to research, design, and build a garden plant sign. Students picked a plant they were interested in focusing on. They learned about the laser printer and created a prototype of their sign. They submitted a shape to be cut with the laser printer.

avs students working on their crafts

Students enjoyed adding a splash of color to their garden signs by painting botanical illustrations and included patterns and details of their plant. During a virtual week, students applied their computer research skills that they learned in the classroom and wrote a plant profile report that got turned into a QR code and attached to their garden sign.

avs student working on craft

Finally, students learned how to fasten their sign to a post with a hammer and a nail. They installed their garden signs next to their plant and are proud of their art pieces. Now when a visitor or a class comes to the AVS Garden, they can learn all about the garden ecosystem in a fun and interactive way.