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What Does It Mean To Be The Dean

What Does It Mean To Be The Dean
Miss Susan

What does it mean to be the Dean
of the students at AVS?

It means 
Visiting classrooms and talking to children 
About the ups and downs of school life

It means
Teaching children the skills and language to handle
Their everyday struggles and strife

It means wiping away tears
And alaying fears
When friends can sometimes be mean

It means smiling at everyone
And making sure
The children feel welcomed and seen

It means talking with teachers
And helping to ensure 
The curriculum is accessed by all

It means being outside
While the children all play
And visiting neighbors to retrieve a lost ball

It means listening lovingly
When frustrations arise
And someone struggles to stay open minded

It means finding the positive
And celebrating mistakes
During the times we all need to be reminded

It means holding a safe space
to repair with a friend
Which is often times not easy

It means helping children
To see their role, apologize
And accept responsibility

It means that I get to be,

A friend
A helper
A recess coach
A substitute teacher

A leader
A follower
A listener
A problem solver

Wow, Lucky Me!

Families, in January Miss Joanne and I will be holding a Social and Emotional Parent Education Night during which we will dive into ways that we can partner together and ensure the safety and success of all of our Aviators. We will strive to strengthen the school home connection!

Please mark your calendars for January 11 from 7-8:30 pm.


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