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STEAM at AVS Middle School

Liz Davis

At the Alta Vista School Middle School, our STEAM program is composed of three essential practices:

  • Authentic problem-based learning, 
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Student-centered, collaborative classrooms. 
STEAM Conceptual Model from An Educator’s Guide to STEAM

A visual representation of the overlapping aspects of the STEAM Conceptual Model from An Educator’s Guide to STEAM

By centering authentic applications of what is learned, we build concrete and practical understanding of the skills and knowledge students develop in class. By focusing on ways to solve real-world problems, students fulfill our mission to be catalysts for positive change in the world. By bringing together multiple disciplines in their projects, our teachers help students develop a fuller understanding of each discipline or content through contextual application.

Finally, our classroom practices emphasize student agency, initiative, and self-advocacy as part of our social-emotional learning program.