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Middle Schoolers Exploring the Tree Population of San Francisco

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Liz Davis

It has been wonderful to see our students taking advantage of our local community to learn more about our environment and how it impacts our climate. During our math and science project weeks, middle school students have been exploring the trees in various San Francisco neighborhoods. Students collected leaf samples and analyzed these using dichotomous keys, created field guides of the plant life, examined the geometric patterns of leaves, and applied ratios and proportions concepts to estimate the number of trees in the city. 

In addition to getting outside, we also brought some outsiders into our school (virtually of course). Local tree expert Katherine Jones presented to students about native trees, common causes of tree failure, and what we can do to prevent this. Classes also examined the importance of a healthy tree population for the city’s climate. Overall it was a great opportunity to consider the plant life that surrounds us, even in the middle of a city like San Francisco.

Middle Schoolers Exploring the Tree Population of San Francisco   a press book with captioned leaves