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Middle School Students Make History

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Liz Davis

“You are living through an important moment in history! A global pandemic like this one has not happened for 100 years, and the tumult of this public health crisis--and political crises on top of that--is new to all of us. Historians are interested in documenting what this time is like.”

This was the task assigned to our middle school students during a week of English and Social Studies Project Based Learning. Students were asked to act as archivists to document, curate, and comment on the pandemic period as a whole, and their  personal experience of it. 

Students started by reading this New York Times article and ended the week by contributing  part of their project to this pandemic archive. Projects included clay object that expressed students’ feelings and  pandemic experiences, self portraits that represented their pandemic selves, scrapbooks, and collages, letter to future generations about student pandemic experience, annotated playlists of songs that represent the pandemic year and accompanied by “liner notes, and short stories, plays and videos that showed some element of this period. 

The poem below is an example of the creativity that students showed in their work on this project. 

From My Bedroom Window
From my bedroom window I write you a letter
Hoping to make things a little bit better
From my bedroom window I stare out the glass, wondering when this horror shall pass
No, seriously, how long will this last?
The endless Zoom calls
The lack of socialization 
The decreased population
A lazy administration 
The amount of hospitalization
The time with family robbed away.
Wear a mask

student pandemic art   student pandemic art