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LS Teacher Tira Completes Graduate Certificate

LS Teacher Tira Completes Graduate Certificate
Sarah Jashington

Cheers to LS teacher Tira Sims, who has successfully completed a certificate in instructional leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Tira's commitment to professional growth has been evident not only in her role as a teacher in the classroom but also as a department coordinator as well as a champion for DEIJB work here at AVS. The completion of this certificate is a testament to Tira's unwavering passion for education and her continuous pursuit of excellence.

Harvard's program in instructional leadership is renowned for its ability to cultivate skills that empower educators to become more effective leaders, coaches, and mentors within their teams and instructional departments. Tira's decision to undertake this program reflects her desire to enhance her abilities and contribute even more significantly to our shared mission of providing quality education.

Tira, your dedication to advancing your skills not only benefits you individually but also enriches our entire community. Your achievement serves as an inspiration to us all, motivating each of us to strive for continuous improvement and excellence in our respective roles.

Please join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to Tira for this outstanding accomplishment!

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