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Dr. Gaby Runs the New York City Marathon

Dr. Gaby Runs the New York City Marathon
Chelsea Goldsmith

AVS Middle School science teacher Dr. Gabriela Aguirre Rascón returned victorious this month from New York City where she successfully ran the New York City Marathon!

Dr. Gaby says... 

I'm back with a big smile and very, very happy!

Thanks to all of you for your cheers and good wishes on my personal big endeavor, it is very much appreciated.

Running a marathon is much more than the physical aspect of it, it involves discipline, determination, perseverance, social connections, reflection, self-growth and spiritual growth (believe it or not!)... This is my 8th one and my second major...6 more to go. 

I love living life with passion and enjoying every minute of it and what better option if it is a healthy activity that also leads to wellness, empowerment and self-belief?

I dedicated Mile 23 in Central Park to AVS Middle School acknowledging how important you are in my life and thanking everyone!

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