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8th Grade Anti-Fair - A Recap from the Organizer

8th Grade Anti-Fair - A Recap from the Organizer
Harper Lind

This blog is a special contribution from AVS 8th grader Harper Lind. 

On the daily we support institutions that exploit their workers, harm the land, and strip people of their culture and identity. When we buy makeup that was made using animal testing, we show our support of cruelty, and use our dollar to influence other companies to do the same. The Anti-Fair was a collaborative project where 8th graders planned booths featuring activities, food, and music that specifically go against these institution's harmful practices. The students who participated in the Anti-Fair researched ways to counteract harmful institutions like monolingualism, TicketMaster, and the chocolate industry, and displayed them to the AVS community. The Anti-Fair introduced students to cruelty-free makeup brands, independent music venues, singing in other languages, and fair trade chocolate, hopefully showing students small ways to support better institutions, and eventually make a systematic change to how our society runs.

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