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Physical education

The goal of physical education is to provide a fun and imaginative arena where students experience success, acceptance, security, understanding, and self-respect through mindful movement.

Students practice safe body actions while working with others to become effective and versatile movers. Students develop locomotor skills (e.g., running, sliding, galloping, skipping), non-locomotor skills (e.g., curling, twisting, stretching, bending, swaying, spinning, swinging, sinking, rising, opening, closing), and manipulative skills (e.g., striking, collecting, carrying, catching, throwing, kicking, dribbling).



The PE program encourages holistic mind, body, and heart connection for a lifelong pursuit of staying active and healthy. In the lower grades, students explore dance, tumbling/gymnastics, and play through games centered on body awareness and personal space. In the upper grades, PE classes start with tai chi warm-up stretches that focus on full circular motion, followed by a team huddle to develop game strategy and foster collaboration. Students also work on their upper and lower body strength.

Throughout the year, various sports games, such as soccer and basketball, are played to instill teamwork and grit. Students also learn the technical skills of the sport. For example, in basketball, students learn to dribble, pass, and shoot with a ball as well as practice control and changing direction. The fitness fun unit consists of a wide range of activities, such as jump rope, juggling, hop-skip, and gymnastics to practice rhythm, speed, self-control, balance, and coordination.