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Susan Garrison


Student Support Staff
Lower School
LS Dean of Students
School Email
School Phone
415-599-2359 x-107


B.A., Elementary Education and Reading, Kean University
Certificate K-8, Teacher of Reading, State of New Jersey

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For over 30 years, Susan has worked in public and private schools, teaching grades K-5. She has dedicated herself to creating engaging, joyful learning experiences for hundreds of students. As a student of mindfulness, Susan incorporates the practice into her daily life, starting her day in a place of peace and kindness that guides all her interactions. You can be a part of a mindful moment with Susan by attending our Friday Community meetings here at AVS. Susan especially enjoys designing hands-on learning opportunities that challenge children’s thinking and cooperative learning skills. Some of her favorite learning experiences center around grade-wide Science Fairs in which students start with a topic of interest, follow their curiosity and freely explore. Before AVS, Susan worked for eight years at Blue Oak School in Napa. Her classroom expanded beyond the four walls where students learned that math applies everywhere, in determining the speed of the river, in measuring the shadows created by the sun to determine the height of an object, or in the engineering that goes into creating the businesses that make up our community all of which the children must leave the classroom to discover. She is confident that working with children is what keeps her young. Susan has now taken on a new role at AVS as Dean of Students at the Lower School. Her desire is to share her experiences, knowledge, passion for problem-solving, and genuine love of helping people with our entire community. Susan holds the child at the center of everything she does. When she is not engaging with children and families, she can be found gardening, scouring the city for unique places to explore, or traveling with her grown children