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K Khozein


Middle School
MS Teacher, Science and Mathematics
MS Mathematics Teacher
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B.S., Computer science (with honors), Brandeis University
M.A.T., Secondary mathematics, Brandeis University
Teaching Credential, Sheltered English instruction endorsement, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Teaching Credential, Mathematics, grades 5-8 and 8-12, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Other Information

K aims to foster a problem-solving spirit in all students. It is their goal that students will develop fluency as mathematical and logical thinkers, with the confidence to attempt to solve problems even if they do not know how. K builds class dynamics with care and equity in mind; they strive to make sure all of their students feel equally heard and valued. Since arriving in the fall of 2018, they have found that AVS is a wonderful environment to grow these teaching practices.

K graduated from Brandeis University in 2017 with a B.S. Honors in Computer Science, holding double minors in Classical Studies and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. They chose to return to Brandeis a mere month after graduation to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching. K holds an MAT in Secondary Mathematics Education, with extensive coursework in Special Education, and graduated July 2018. Outside of math, K is deeply passionate about social activism, campy SyFy shows, interdisciplinary learning, and their cat, Ziba. . K also flies gliders and revels in driving a stick shift through hilly San Francisco!